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Key Information

DebtSettlers Offers Solutions

  • If you are getting letters and calls chasing you for money and your creditors are not happy with your payments.
  • If your payments towards your debts are causing you to struggle to pay for food, heating or day-to-day basics then you have a financial problem.
  • If you have missed or made one single late payment to your creditors, your credit rating has already been affected.
  • If you have to keep using payday loans or pay the interest only or even take out further loans then you need help.
  • If you are paying your creditors each month but the balances are not coming down then this is clearly a problem.

Completely Confidential and Private

We offer a discreet and confidential advice service. Debtsettlers is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We and your solution provider follow strict guidelines to ensure that we only provide appropriate advice where you need it.

How DebtSettlers Can Help You - in 3 Easy Steps

  • Firstly, you need to face your debts - head on. Write down a list of who you owe money to and how much – include everything you are behind on paying. Write down your wages and any benefits and what you pay out. Be honest. Our highly trained debt advice specialists will need this information to help you.
  • Next, we will arrange a time to suit you for an informal chat. We will give you no obligation debt advice.We will help you look at all the options available to you. You will be amazed how easy it is to pay off your debts in a realistic time frame. We make sure payments are affordable. Some debt help solutions have fees payable – in all instances we are 100% transparent about the costs.
  • Finally, we will let YOU decide the next steps. No pushy sales people – just straight forward, honest advice. Our Best Advice Pledge means we only recommend debt solutions suitable and helpful for you.

Do you know what your options are? Do you know what debt help is out there for you? Don’t worry, we do.

Our Best Advice Pledge means we only recommend debt help solutions which will improve your current circumstances. We won’t offer you a consolidation loan – we believe taking out additional credit to pay existing ones will not lead to your financial freedom.

We offer advice about all the best debt solutions available to you. You may have heard of all kinds of debt solutions, “new” government legislations and ways to get your debt written off that sound too good to be true.

There are a number of different debt solutions available – you will not qualify for all of them. We know the internet is full of conflicting and confusing advice. The advice and solutions we deliver include:

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

An informal arrangement where you make monthly payments to your creditors. Interest and charges are frozen or reduced where possible to help you clear your debts as quickly as possible. read more...

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

A legally binding arrangement between you and your creditors. You make monthly payments and it usually lasts for 5 years. At the end of the agreement any unpaid debts are written off. read more...


A court order is issued declaring your bankruptcy and you must follow the restrictions set. The court has to agree to the order and you may lose any assets, such as your house. read more...

Protected Trust Deeds (Scotland)

A formal arrangement for residents of Scotland. Similar to an IVA but it typically lasts 3 years. Any unpaid debts will be written off at the end of the period. read more...

Full and Final Settlements

Informal agreements made with creditors where a reduced amount is agreed to settle the debt. Discounts on your balance can range from 30-70%. read more...

We have provided more detailed information about each of these solutions on our website, but it is not specific to your needs. The debt help our specialist advisers will give you is tailored to your unique situation. Have a look at the different solutions pages for more information. Our debt advice team will discuss the qualifying criteria with you in more detail (i.e. debt level, payment amount, timescales, assets etc)

How DebtSettlers Can Help You in 3 Easy Steps

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  • “During university I raked up over £5000 worth of debt on my credit card. I always paid my minimum payments but never seemed to get anywhere.I found DebtSettlers while searching for a solution online. DebtSettlers helped me through that stressful time and now I am paying one low affordable monthly payment. Thanks to DebtSettlers my life seems simple again."
    Catherine Rayner

  • “We recently received a CCJ on a debt, which was very worrying. I contacted you for help and I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance and support with this delicate matter. You were extremely polite and helpful."
    Gordon Smith

  • “Debt Settlers have given me peace of mind that everything is being dealt with and taken all the pressure away. It's good to know that someone out there is willing to help. Thanks for the advice given. "
    Stephanie McAuliffe

  • “My credit cards were maxed out and my debts were out of control. Constant phone calls from credit card companies and countless sleepless nights. A friend referred me to debt settlers and they put everything into perspective and came up with a simple monthly payment which I could afford. Thank you so much for giving me my life back."
    James Alderwick